Blogger Vs WordPress Comparison: Which Is Better In 2022?

Making the decision to start a blog is simple. You most likely already have some ideas for what to write and how it should all appear. You may know a thing or two about blogging, marketing, and website development, but if you haven’t built your own site, you’re likely to be confused as to which platform to use. After finding a profitable niche, you have to decide on the blogging platform where your website is stored.

Perhaps you’ve heard of them from friends and coworkers, or you’ve already done some comparison between WordPress & Blogger.

The question of which blogging platform is best is one of the most often discussed subjects at

Which is better: Blogger Vs WordPress?

This is where I’ll talk about it. So, let’s get started on blogger wordpress comparison.

Blogger Vs WordPress
Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger Vs WordPress: A Quick Overview

The WordPress and Blogger platforms each have a distinct history. Let’s take a brief look at each to have a better understanding of them before we get into the comparison.

WordPress Overview:

WordPress was created on May 27, 2003, with the intention of being used just for blogging. This platform has matured into a fully working CMS platform that provides a great deal of flexibility and functionality when creating websites.

WordPress has always been an open-source platform. Anyone who knows enough coding may contribute to the code, and when utilizing themes and plugins, you have the flexibility and capacity to develop and edit things any way you like.

The application is developed in PHP and uses a MySQL — or, more recently, MariaDB — database.

There are nearly 8,000 themes accessible on alone, with over 58,000 plugins available in the WordPress plugin repository.

Blogger’s Overview:

Some may be surprised to learn that Blogger before WordPress. A firm named Pyra Labs introduced Blogger to the public on August 23, 1999. It was eventually bought by Google in 2003, and they continue to control it now.

While you may be astonished to learn that Blogger is still active, it is, and a sizable number of people use it. In 2018, Google released a major upgrade to the platform in order to keep it running.

Blogger is a popular and well-known blogging platform. While its market share pales in comparison to WordPress (as we’ll see below), it’s still a terrific method to connect with and establish a community of like-minded people.

Blogger Vs WordPress: The Complete Rundown

Ease of Use


Even though it is user-friendly, learning WordPress takes time. WordPress must be set up properly before you can publish the first article. As a result, someone who is unfamiliar with the platform may end up going in the incorrect direction. Even while installing WordPress for the first time isn’t difficult, the procedure isn’t as simple as setting up a Blogger account, which takes just a few clicks.


 It doesn’t get much easier than this. You just need to create a Google account if you don’t already have one. Then log in to Blogger, choose a template, and you’re ready to start writing content and administering your blog.

Winner: Blogger wins for simplicity of use right out of the box. WordPress provides additional capability while still allowing access to basic control capabilities.

Blogger Vs WordPress: Customization Options


WordPress is popular for allowing users to have total control over the platform. Even if you use, you will have more valuable features than a Blogger account. You can create and design just about anything you can imagine by adding and subtracting as you like.

On a WordPress site, there are around 50,000+ plugins to choose from this platform. In many situations, these plugins enable you to do almost everything you want with little to no coding.


Blogger allows for some personalization. Within the platform, you’ll discover options for customizing page look, colors, page layouts, and a few other useful features.

Despite the easy-to-use drag-and-drop choices, the versatility, functionality, and customization possibilities fall well short of WordPress.

Winner: In the blogger wordpress comparison, the winner is Obviously WordPress.

Blogger Vs WordPress: Ownership and Control


WordPress users benefit from having total control over their websites. However, if this is your first time inside a WordPress admin panel, it may be confusing.

You can perform almost anything from the admin panel since WordPress provides so much flexibility and functionality. This includes the following:

  • All themes and plugins are installed and managed.
  • Manage all of your articles and pages.
  • The Gutenberg block editor is used to manage all reusable blocks.
  • All users and user roles are also created, deleted, and managed.
  • All comments are moderated.
  • Delete the whole website
  • Editing and managing all user roles


Despite being less versatile and adaptable than WordPress, Blogger allows users to handle a lot of things straight from the user dashboard.

After you’ve set up your blog on Blogger and logged in, you’ll see that you have a lot of options. This includes the following:

  • Tools and resources to assist in the finding of your blog by others
  • Share content to other websites
  • Back up your blog or import.
  • Manage blogs that you follow.
  • Analytics
  • Complete blog settings

Winner: In the blogger wordpress comparison, The winner is WordPress.

Blogger Vs WordPress: Templates


There are dozens of templates to pick from in the official WordPress themes library, which offers free items.

There are many premium WordPress themes that look even better and have additional features that can propel your site into a new league if you opt to pay a few more dollars.

You have complete control over your theme whether you choose a free one or a paid one. The majority of the themes include a wide range of customization possibilities, allowing you to customize the whole site. You also get to edit the source code, which is a major bonus. As a result, if you know HTML and CSS, you may modify any element of your website. You can always hire a professional designer to implement changes for you if you aren’t talented enough.


Blogger falls behind the self-hosted version of WordPress by a long shot. While you may apply a large number of layouts to your free blog, the selection is restricted when compared to WordPress. You can only experiment with a restricted amount of modification tools after you’ve chosen a template. Don’t get us wrong: the Blogger customization choices are user-friendly and somewhat helpful, but they don’t compare to WordPress.

Winner: In the blogger wordpress comparison, The winner is WordPress.

Blogger Vs WordPress: Portability


Changing hosts with WordPress is simple. You’ll need to be familiar with servers and WordPress, but migrating the data isn’t difficult.

Additionally, WordPress enables you to easily export the content of one site and import it into another without risking data loss.


Even while switching from Blogger to another platform is possible, Google has made the process very complex. The procedure of exporting a blog from their service is time-consuming and difficult. Furthermore, you are risking your SEO while doing the move. Although Blogger allows data export, the fact is that Google keeps your data for a long time after you’ve finished using it.

Winner: In the blogger wordpress comparison, The winner is WordPress.

Blogger Vs WordPress: Support


Mastering WordPress takes time. WordPress is fairly user-friendly, yet it has a lot of features and settings that require some time to learn. When it comes to supporting, though, you can find a variety of online resources that will help you. Whether you read official articles that explain how things operate or visit one of the many websites dedicated to the platform, you will almost certainly find the answers to your questions quickly.

Thousands more discussions may be found in the official support forums. When it comes to more hard tasks, though, you’ll either have to figure things out on your own or hire experts. Unfortunately, the self-hosted version of WordPress comes with no support by default.


Given that it is a Google product, one would assume a lot of documentation. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Despite the fact that there are documentation files available, assistance is minimal. You can also go to help forums using your browser, but don’t anticipate much.

Winner: In the blogger wordpress comparison, The winner is WordPress.

Blogger Vs WordPress: Security


Although WordPress is fairly safe, you are responsible for security and backups since it is a self-hosted solution.

The good news is that there are several WordPress plugins available to help you.

For example, to boost site security, you may use UpdraftPlus for backups and Sucuri for Website security.


When you use Blogger, you have the extra benefit of Google’s stable and secure platform. You won’t have to worry about maintaining the resources on your server, safeguarding your blog, or generating backups.

However, if Blogger goes down, your site will go down with it… as would all the other Blogger-hosted sites. When Your Blogger site is down, there is nothing to do to retrieve your blog.

Winner: In the blogger wordpress comparison, The winner is Blogger.

Blogger Vs WordPress: Pricing


Although the WordPress platform is free, you will need to buy a hosting plan and a domain name in order to start a blog.

For about $2.75 per month, Bluehost offers a WordPress hosting package that includes a free domain.

The cost of running a blog once it’s been set up is determined by the services you want to use. Using premium themes and plugins is definitely more expensive than using free ones.

Paid themes and plugins, on the other hand, might provide a good return on investment if you’re monetizing your blog.

Blogger is a completely free blogging platform. To get started, it offers free hosting and a free Blogspot subdomain. Blogger’s themes, gadgets, and other features are all free, however, you may pay for certain third-party themes.

You’ll need to purchase a custom domain name from a domain registration firm like if you want to utilize it with Blogger. A domain name costs $5.98 per year on average.

Finally, although the Blogger platform is completely free, it lacks many of the tools you’ll need to run a great blog.

Winner: In the blogger wordpress comparison, The winner is Blogger.

FAQ: Blogger Vs WordPress

Final Thoughts

In blogger wordpress comparison, which platform is best for blogging between blogger vs WordPress? Well, a lot of people’s decisions are based on personal preferences. Other elements that play into decision-making, on the other hand, include a lot of the topics we discussed above.

Many decisions, particularly in the beginning, are made based on the flexibility of use and pricing when deciding between WordPress and Blogger.

While Blogger allows you to create a free blog with only a few mouse clicks, the platform is quite restrictive. It’s just appropriate for individuals who desire a basic blogging experience with few choices. However, with the Blogger platform, anything beyond that is almost impossible.

However, WordPress takes first place in each of the categories discussed above. With its market dominance, community, and ease of adding eCommerce and monetization, WordPress is an obvious choice.

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